Hi everybody,


I'm also new on the topic and I'm looking for a climbing partner who's willing to climb 2-3 times a week. I'm now climbing with 3 different friends but I don't have a ''solid'' partner at the moment because my other climbing partners do have ''solid'' partners. I'm a member at Klimhal Amsterdam and prefer to climb there.

I prefer somebody that can also do lead climbing! I'm 23 years old and about 74kg.


Hope to see you soon!


Regards, Remco

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I forgot to mention, you can also send me an e-mail if you're interested! remcograas432@hotmail.com


I guess we need to climb together more often Remco :-)



You got my number, I thought you would let me know when you had time ;-) haha!

Hi Remco, my name is Veronica, I'm from Colombia, and I arrived just 3 days ago in Amsterdam, and I also like to find a climbing partner. My English is not so good but maybe we can understand  climbing

you can join the events to meet new people! see ya around!

Hi Veronica,


I guess not speaking English very well is something we can work out! Don't worry, my English isn't also flawless. Tell me something more about yourself, about climbing expiriences?

Ciao Remco

I supose that you are Italian, I love Italy, and I have italian Nationality too, becouse my grandparents born there.

I´m going to  tell you something about me.  I started climbing in Manizales, a city not too big of Colombia, but although Iliked the climbing world was not very consistent because it had no one to climb and my job does not let me. Then I went to live in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, and met many people climbing with a high level. There I learned a lot about technique and about many things to be correct and also met the outdoor climbing world, and although I still have much to learn ... I love this lifestyle. It is for those  reasons, that I want to continue training during the months that I will live here, and if I find a good company to do so much better

Hey Remco,


Ik zoek voor de woensdag of donderdag iemand die klimt. Ik heb altijd in Klimhal amsterdam geklommen en heb daar het meest naar mn zin vergeleken bij Centraal of THEA. Weet niet waarom maar toch.

Voorklimmen is geen probleem. Althans ben er een tijdje tussen uit dus het klimniveau is niet meer wat het was maar zekeren kan ik je sowieso.



Hoi Pepijn!


Klinkt prima! En ook fijn om te horen dat je volgens de regels kunt zekeren. Ze doen nogal streng he bij Klimhal Amsterdam ;-)
Lijkt me wel wat om af te spreken! Beetje kortdag maar zullen we woensdagavond afspreken? Uurtje of 7 in de hal?

Ciao Remco

Hoi Remco,


19:00 klimhal amsterdam staat!

Prima tot morgen!

Ik ga hier niet m'n nummer zetten dus mocht je toch plots onverwacht zijn verhinderd stuur dan even een berichtje via dit topic :)


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