We are giving away 2 bits of well used gear:

1 backpack BD predator.

I've used it as my general climbing bag for all types of climbing, and it's been great - cragging, long multipitch, ice-climbing and alpine (where it really shines). Sadly no space for it in the luggage as we move overseas.

BUT: it's been very well used, and the frame is coming through the foam at the bottom so is not comfortable for long hikes with a heavy load. Maybe you can tape it up? The rest of the bag is faded but still good.

1 Optimus nova liquid fuel stove with bottle/pump (think msr dragonfly... but different).

Good stove... but... you will want to service it, check all the o-rings etc. I think the valve on the bottle leaks when not connected to the stove. (But is easily replacable and ok when connected to the stove). I've had to fix this stove several times - o-rings, greasing parts etc, and the good thing about it is that you can fix it yourself... the down side is... that I've needed to fix it several times myself in the mountains...

Not for the non-mechanically minded - liquid fuel stoves are great until you get it wrong, then you have no eyebrows.

Pick up only (downtown) - although i will be climbing at Centraal tonight (Fri 9) and probably other times in the next 2 weeks.

Reply here if you want either.

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Hi, Mark, I was looking for a backpack for climbing gear, couldn't find one that suits my needs. Maybe it's my lucky day :) I'll be in Centraal tonight.



Ok great, I'll bring it tonight - find a guy wearing a black tshirt with radios/tapedecks on the front to claim your prize

Great, see you soon.

Ok the pack is gone, stove is still available

It was very nice to meet you guys yesterday. Thanks again for the pack, I'm sure it will serve me well.

Anyone for the stove? Didn't mean to scare you off by my description ... it really is quite good, if you know what you're doing.


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