We've got a great guy in Spain who does a brilliant job, in fact I cannot tell the difference between my original shoes and the resoled ones.

He uses original rubber so they really are as good as new.

So if you have shoes that need repairing let me know.

We will be sending the box out end of the month. So get in touch soon.

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I have a pair! I'll hand em over next week


I have some shoes that could use new soles (La sportiva Miura). They have small holes near the toe, is it still possible to resole them if there are already small holes in the shoe?

Should be ok. If they can't they'll just send them

don't forget your shoes if you still want them sent with the rest :)

Please try and get me any shoes by the end of the week - Sunday 21st and I will send them next week.

I got 2 La sportiva pairs I need to resole

Jan, can you get them to me somehow? Are we climbing at the same place ever? (See events ;>)

see you on Thursday 11th and MN if that's soon enough;-)

sure - no problem.

don't forget your shoes :)

I live 5min walking from there so even if I forget, then no problem ;-)


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