We've got a great guy in Spain who does a brilliant job, in fact I cannot tell the difference between my original shoes and the resoled ones.

He uses original rubber so they really are as good as new.

So if you have shoes that need repairing let me know.

We will be sending the box out end of the month. So get in touch soon.

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Hi Daniel, could you forward me your Spanish guy's contact info.

And anyone else out there who needs to have their shoes re-soled??

Hi there,

I will be sending some shoes to Spain soon.....anyone willing to resole their climbing shoes, just let me know :)


You'll get more response if you post it on the facebook page :)

I have 4-5 pairs needing resoling

Are there plan to send shoes for re-soling any time soon (early 2019)?

Hi, not at the moment but i am sure it will happen at some point.

Of course you are welcome to organise it :-)

For what it's worth Meester Schoenmaker Hillies's (Javastraat 85) also resoles climbing shoes. I've had about five pairs resoled and I'm genuinely very happy with his service. Not an ad, just my 2pence


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