Hello everyone, my name is Veronica, I'm going to stay 4 months in Amsterdam, and I'm looking for climbing partner to train at least 3 times a week, preferably in Klimhal. If anyone is interested, you can write to my email: verogiordanelli@hotmail.com

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Hey Veronica, do come along to any events - it's a great way to meet fellow climbers.


Also feel free to put up your own events :)



Thanks Daniel, i´ll consider your recomendations

Hi Veronica, if you're only here for four months, than perhaps you can consider climbing at the brand-new Mountain Network Climbing Hall.  

Better yet, they've just offered an amazing introductory deal:

EURO 103,- for four months of unlimited climbing.

see details at:


the Mountain Network gym is currently located on the Erik de Roodestraat 16 (near the Erasmuspark) in the western part of the city. but on May 20, they will be moving a little further west to their gorgeous new location on the Erasmusgracht 297

personally, i have a weekend abonnement at the Klimhal (Sloterdijk) - and climb there 2x-week - but i will be trying out Mountain Network tomorow (6 may) with a small group of Ambers.  

would you like to join us tomorrow ca 13h30?



Hi Angelica, thanks for the recomendation. I will consider the posibility to climb in the Mountain Network Climbing. Anyway I want to know both places to climb. I would love to climb tomorrow with you but I have to work. 

I would love it if you going to climb another day  invite me.

Thank you so much,



I would love to go climbing with you those days, but I don´t know  yet my schedule because tomorrow I'lljust present myself to see how the work will be. Anyway, I´ll tell you just know.



Hi Veronica,

Ten years ago I went to America del Sur to learn how to speak spanish. I fell in love with the mountains and started climbing in Peru. Now both my spanish and climbing are a bit rusty. Pero talvez podemos escalar juntos. Busco algien que puede escalar a miercoles o jueves.



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