Looking for a down jacket retailer in Amsterdam - preferably Rab

Dear all

I would like to buy a new down jacket for this winter, and I am looking for a shop in Amsterdam

I have a preference for Rab brand, according to satisfaction of mountainners friends...

I would like to compare the Rab jackets with the Broad Peak II Jacket Men from Mammut, recommended on the Ambers site.

But neither Mountain network nor Bergsport shop doesn't sale Rab

Bever sports doesn't sales it as well

Any suggestions for shops in Amsterdam, and/or any hint/feedback on a down jacket model would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance

Have a nice Christmas and new year Eve



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Carl Denig sells both. They have a store in Amsterdam but also one in Nieuwegein that has sample sales from Mammut. Saved me 30% on my Mammut down jacket.

Bever also sells both, they recently added Rab to their collection.

I bought a Rab downjacket at Carl Denig a month ago for a good price (sale offer) and am very happy with it. As Mirna mentioned, both Carl Denig and Bever sell Rab clothing.

The jacket is a microlight and I think perfect for all day use, outdoor climbing, hiking and bouldering.

Thanks a lot for your advices.
Have a nice week end

Demmenie have also Rab down jackets

If all that fails, a bit further afield is Zwerkei in Woerden. It's a bit of a hassle to get there, but once there it's a pretty huge store. They have a good website you can check out before considering the trip over. Www.zwerfkei.nl. Also, Bever have their flagship store in Den Haag (right next to the train station), which sells more than the one in Amsterdam.

Well finally I went to Amsterdam last week end I could compare the different jackets I was interest to but I had to go to different stores in the city centre like Carl Denig or Bever and their respective offer was not so large and the prices expensive. Maybe it is worth to go to the bigger shops outside the Amsterdam like Nieuwegein or Worden, but I couldn't do that last week end... So I decided to buy my down jacket later in Paris during my travel back to France, the price was cheaper for the model I wanted.

Thanks anyway for your replies, have a nice christmas time and new year eve



On the whole Holland is quite expensive for outdoor gear unless you can find a discount. Hope you're more succesful in Paris.

You too nice Christmas an happy new year.

I just tried Zwerfkei in Worden. For me it is the best outdoor shop in the Netherland. Looks like the IKEA of the outdoor gear, you can loose your self in the pathway they set up between the different departements, but there are a lot of choices. Accessible from the train station of Worden (~15 min walk). Thanks again for this advice, Helene


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