Looking for a regular climbing partner to go to THEA

Hi everyone,

Been wanting to get back into regular climbing for a while now.  Was wondering if anyone else was short of a climbing partner, and free on Wednesday evenings and/or Sunday afternoons to climb at MN THEA...

Hope to hear from you!


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Hi Mandy,


I climb on Tuesdays in THEA with 2 others, your welcome to come along if you want, we usually start around 19.30 - 20.00. Sundays are sometimes an option for me.



Hi Mirna,

Thanks for the reply!!  I can't usually make Tuesday nights, but how does Sunday at around 3pm sound?  Are you free this coming Sunday?



No, not free this Sunday, maybe next but not sure yet. Will let you know.



Are you still looking for a climbing partner?

Hi Dunja,

Yes, definitely still looking for a regular partner.  You interested?  I'm going to the event tonight and am hoping to meet a few of you all there!


Hey Mandy,

I'm also looking for a regular partner to climb at THEA with. Wednesdays and Sundays would be great for me! If you'd like to climb you can send me an email at: dunja38652@gmail.com


Hi Mandy, are you still looking for climbing partner for Sundays? I'd like to climb this Sunday morning or early afternoon, preferably Sloterdijk or THEA but it can be other place. Tell me if you'd like to join.


Hi Mateusz,

Yep I'm still looking for a climbing partner, but unfortunately I can't climb this Sunday as I'm visiting friends in Tilburg.  Maybe the weekend after?


Sure, we can try next week :). Have a nice weekend.


Hi Mandy, are you planning to climb this Sunday? I will be climbing at Sloterdijk on Sunday afternoon. Maybe Angelica will join too. 


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