Hey guys, I'm new to this site, great to find it!

Anyone interest more in alpine mountaineering and mixed climbing? Summer is upon us, but prepping for the fall season, I'd love to connect with others interested in heading to Chamonix, Dolomites, Andes,  and really anywhere for some solid trips and challenging climbs. Indoor climbing as a great training ground and place for us to meet, familiarize ourselves with skill levels and to get to know each other more before booking a trip or going further. 

If anyone is interested let me know. I'm living in Amsterdam, so I can meet at any of the indoor gyms and "hang out" (get it) to talk more. -Tom

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You can also always post on the FB group and/or page. There's more traffic there.


Hi Tom! I sent you a friend request, so that we can chat :)

sounds good! 

Hi Anneleen.

I am also looking for an outdoor climbing partner this summer/fall.

I sent you a friend request, so that we can chat :)

Cheers, Angelica

Hi! I could not find your request back, so I just sent you a new one :)


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