Hi climbers,

After my foot surgery, I will get some physio to get walking properly... and of course to get back to climbing ASAP!  While I'm at it, I'll also ask about some shoulder problems I had while climbing.

Years ago, I had a physiotherapist who really didn't understand my sport-of-choice (Aikido), and while it was okay I imagine it could be better from someone who really knows your sport.

So: does anyone have recommendations for a good physiotherapist in Amsterdam who understands the needs of climbers? Preferably in the south-edge of the Jordaan or near Amsterdam Zuid (near work or home).  Or if you don't have a specific referral: what would you expect / ask of your physiotherapist to get the best help for climbing?

(I saw AmsterdamFysio.nl posters at De Klimmuur but that's inconvenient for me since I'm not even back to bicycling yet. If they are really great though, I'd consider going there.)

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there is a sports physio attached to Mountain Network Amsterdam. read this.

I think on Wednesday/Friday you can just turn up.

good luck


I recommand that guy on wednesdays/fridays at mountain network. He fixed my right shoulder and is fixing my left shoulder now. Btw, I'm doing jiu-jitsu and climbing. :)

I like the idea of doing the physio right at a climbing hall... it will get me back on the wall faster. Thanks for the tips, Dan & Carmen


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