I found this report from the NKVB about reopening the climbing gyms with restrictions to prevent spread of COVID (in Dutch)


If my Dutch - and my google transtlate - is correct, it relates mostly to limiting access to a maximal amount of people, keeping social distance (as everywhere), having good hygiene (wash hands regularly) etc...

A point who suprised me is about the holds and the dying effect (details page 23). NKVB report mention that the usage of magnesite enhance the drying and hence reduces the risk of contamination. The hypothesis of drying effect is supported by Christian Drosten, who is a famous doctor working in Charite hospital in Berlin (top ranking hospital in Germany) and advising German govermnent, but his remark concerns coins and banknotes.

Deshalb spielt eine Übertragung per Kontakt zum Beispiel mit Scheinen oder Münzen nachEinschätzung des Virologen kaum eine Rolle

I just wonder how it is going now in the climbing gyms. Are they really reopening? How do they handle those measures


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