I've a pair of shoes to resole, learned from others that it saves cost to combine and send them to Germany, anyone up to resole a pair of their shoes?

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I'd like to make a page of all the places to resole shoes - can you let me know where you use and what you think?

I have used these guys over the last four years, I've had at least eight pairs of shoes resoled and have been very happy with the result. The rubber lasts as long as the original and feels almost identical. None of the shoes I've repaired have had any problem with the sole detaching.
They can also do other repairs like replacing the Velcro and re-stitching. The last box of shoes I sent to them cost 35 Euro including postage per pair.
The only negative thing is that sometimes it takes more than a month to get the shoes back.
Overall I'm really satisfied with these guys.
Cheers, Richard



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