Hi climbers,

I'm going to Luxembourg for work this week. A very short visit, but thought I'd ask around: how would you hook up with other climbers in Luxembourg, where would you recommend climbing? 

I've never been outdoor climbing yet, but Luxembourg seems the place to start. If that's not realistic, I'd be happy to get an evening of climbing at an indoor gym there.

I'll be available for climbing Wednesday evening (May 29), and potentially Thursday evening (May 30)


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in Lux the only place to climb is Berdorf, though how you contact local climbers I really don't know. Of course officially you need to register for a permit, it's free but it's required. check out this link for more info


You could just go to the crags and make some contact with other climbers. Climbers are usually very social ;) And they usually stay at the camping Martbusch where you can meet them. Good luck!

And yea, don't forget your permit as Dan said.

Thanks folks! If nothing else, I'll try to stop by Berdorf and meet people for the fun of it.


another option is to join the berdorf event ;)


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