Hello dear fellowclimbers.


I wonder if there are any slackliners among you!! I am quite a fanatic myself and look for some people to share with... Experienced or not doesn't matter!! Maybe we can meet for an afternoon in the park. Slacklining makes you warm so a good way to come outside despite of the 'cold'!! (it's november and still 15 degr.)




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Hey, I'm keen... I'm totally useless but maybe we can organise something...

I live near the vondel park :)
I can bring along my Gibbon classic line! Also live near the vondel park, so I'm up for it!
We should organise an event... bit tricky with the weather but one Sunday... next weekend, or the one after.
Yeah, maybe 13th, let's look at what the weather will do. Cold doesn't matter that much, but if it's wet it will not work. 

I do have a party on 12th, so probably will be hungover, but I'll come for the fun anyways ;p

Ok that's cool guys.


An event would be nice if the weather lets us. As long it does not rain! So I will open an event at sunday the 13th.




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