I was just thinking, I can barely hear my belayer if I'm climbing at Sloterdijk (21 meters). So if we would climb outdoors like 30/40 meters, how do we communicate? Would it be a silly idea to use walkie talkies (with a headset of course)?

Besides, it would be better for the nature without screaming and yelling climbers right?

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usually at a single pitch road-side crags (like Belgium) there's no need for walkie talkies but as soon as you get into the mountains or start multi pitching communication becomes very important and at times very difficult/ impossible


You'd be amazed how hard it is to hear each other with a little wind blowing, let alone when a storm rolls in. This is why it is good to arrange communication tactics before you get off the ground. (If you ever see my kids climb you'll see what I mean :>)


I have a small walkie talkie which I always take, it makes life so much easier - I don't have a head set though - generally it's only when at belays that you need to communicate.


I definately recommend them once you get past the single pitch - and if at all possible get waterproof ones.



p.s. I'm not sure "nature" gives a damn either way :) But your fellow climbers might.

hahahaha... I'll scream louder next time Carmen! :D


I've tried screaming, walkie talkies, and wistles. It all works. However rope signals work best for me. You need to be climbing with the same partner for a while to get convidend enough with signals. Walki talki can work like a charme. However ther eis the chance of overusing them. You start calling your partner because you want to know what's going on. But maybe he/she is in the crux of the route not wanting to be disturbed. Besides they can fail at any point (wind, battery failure/ water etc) so you need a alternative during multi pitching.  


Good luck with the climbing!




Thanks, Pepijn. I'll find out what will work for us!


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