Ok guys, as a diver, I got also so some nice stuff ;-)

  • Scubapro Mk 25 1st stage with a S600 2nd stage with a SPG
  • Scubapro Mk 25 1st stage with a R190 2nd stage as back-up/ octopus
  • Halcyon backplate with a Halcyon Exporer wing for doubles
  • A double 7 litre bottle set
  • A Halcyon Proteus light (10 W HID)
  • 2 Halcyon Scouts back up lights.
  • A pair of Scubapro Jetfins
  • Scubapro Futura 2 mask

Further a Polarbears Explorer dry suit, undersuit and booties.

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sounds impressive... :)

idd, sounds impressive! when are we going?

Humm..20 August, I'm going offshore again for 2 weeks, how about after that? ;-)

22 sept Zeeland?


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