Alpine hut Checklist

Must have - critical items you may not live without

Rock boots Quality waterproof jacket & trousers Head torch + spare batteries
Belay device Strong hiking boots Whistle
Helmet Warm mid layer Mobile phone (fully powered in water proof container)
Sling Hat and gloves (even in summer) Water bottle
2 Screwgate caribiners Extra warm layer Emergency blanket
Prussik loop (2 is better than 1)    

Should have - these are recommended

Extra screwgates Thermal layer Thermos flask
First aid kit Guide book Sun glasses
Rope (at least 60m)   Sun protection
Quickdraws (min 12)   Comprehensive insurance

Could have 

2 way radios Map compass + ability to use them Ear plugs - for the light sleepers


If you are taking the overnight train to Wiwanni a neck support of some sort will help you get a better night sleep (ear plugs for the light sleepers).


The hike up to the hut at Wiwanni should take about 3 hours, if you are laden down with unnecessary things it could take much, much longer – so only take what you need.


Limit the amount of clothing! It is quite common to take just 2 changes of clothes – 1 set for your daily activities and one set for the hut. In this way you won’t smell too much around the other guests. (Of course socks and underwear do not fall into this system!)


Wiwanni provides bedding; however it can be nice to take a sleeping bag liner to sleep in. If you are a light sleeper then take ear plugs.


Breakfast and dinner are provided and are included in the price. The food is excellent. Drinks are extra. The price this year (2011) is 58CHF (approx. 46euro) which you pay at the end of your stay.


N.B. YOU NEED CASH – the nearest cash machine will take a complete day to get to and back so DON’T forget.


For lunch a large collection of energy bars and snacks you can fill your pockets up with should be enough.

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