How events work

Attending events.

The heart of our network are the events, the local indoor events usually take place a couple times a week at the different walls in Amsterdam.


N.B. Unless otherwise mentioned there is no need to have a climbing buddy to come to an event (indoors or out). Teaming up will get sorted quite naturally. 

We also organise regular trips outdoors, Belgium and France are common locations though we also organise trips to Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.


To attend an event, all you need to do is RSVP YES. Please remember anyone can make an event, it only takes a few clicks.

The event organiser will then know to look out for you. If you have never been to an event or you do not know the people going it may be worth sending the organiser a message so as to introduce yourself and to make sure you know where to be at the start time.

Don't be shy - even if you know no one you will soon get to know people and we were all newbie’s at  some time or other.

N.B. Having a decent profile picture goes some way to making the first meet up a little less traumatic :-)


Event Organisers.

Everyone is welcome to organise events as they please. Try and add a nice picture as this will encourage people to come. Once organised do try and be aware of who is coming to your event and make sure they know where to be and when.

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