Yea, it took me quite a while.. but finally I wrote it! This is a kind of continuation to Daniel‘s post „Yvoir and Hotton“ from the moment we split up and me together with Auste hitch hiked to Namur (the first car that stopped pretty soon was going there). As the weather was starting to clear we checked some maps and headed for Beez – this place was next to the railway and the name seemed to be familiar from some topo we have seen before (so we hoped we will find some climbing area there).

“Beez – Marche Les Dammes” crag is situated next to the river. One huge climbing area is right next to the crossing with the road turning towards Marche Les Dames town, but it belongs to the military. According to the soldier, it is allowed to enter and climb if you have an ID and a membership card of any Belgian climbing organization. Some web sources say that it is only possible to do it for Belgians during the weekends.

But as the same soldier explained, there is another area within 1km distance towards Namur that is free for everyone. That’s where we’ve spent our day. Entrance is at the place where road is crossing the railway. Although here are lots of different rocks with well bolted routes, even on the Sunday afternoon it was not crowded. Rocks here are pretty vertical (what makes it way less scary to fall) and all kinds of different routes are present. It is also possible to lead the route graded as 3 and then pull the rope from the top over a more complicated route for toproping later, what is quite nice. This also must be a nice place to practice making Trad Climbing anchors and using the gear like nuts, friends etc. because there are lots of cracks in the rocks between the bolts which are perfect for that. What is more, it has some nice terraces to which you can climb up and have some nice lunch there:)

After this nice day of climbing we concluded that doing it in Belgian style (selecting route while looking at bolts, instead of a topo) is not bad at all, but it is still nice to know the grade before starting. After coming home we realized that some "complicated" routes (for which in the beginning I was proud of) actually appeared to be graded as 4:)

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Comment by Auste on May 10, 2009 at 11:50
We have been at the Pink Floyd wall section. Been doing the routes: bolls, relics, obscured by clouds.
Comment by Daniel on May 3, 2009 at 9:39
Excellent Vytas, will have to chck it out... though I am not 100% sure of the

"Rocks here are pretty vertical (what makes it way less scary to fall) "

But I know what you mean :-))

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