Alpine adventure doesn't really encompass the weekend we went to Wiwanni in the summer? of June 2011.


If anyone reading this for one minute thinks that the Alps are just not worth the effort think again - the weather was varied :-) The climbing brilliant, and the views stunning.


From the get-go the weather was uncertain, but we were not entirely expecting the landscape that presented itself. 

India, Sasha, Ans and myself hopped on a train (or 3) and were picked up in Ausserberg by a friendly taxi to take us to Fuxtrit. Unfortunately the car didn't make it up the road due to the conditions, so we were left to walk the last 2k to the bottom of the hike :-) (Bearing in mind this is the 1st of June.)


The hike up was spectacular(ly cold) - but we made excellent time everyone coping very well with the conditions which were taxing to say the least...

At last we arrived at the Wiwanni hut, totally worth the effort.


We were the only people brave? enough to make it up so we enjoyed a hearty dinner and the kids the unending respect of the hut warden. We settled in and hit the sack as soon as possible,


The next day (as predicted) amazingly most of the snow had gone...

...but it was still chilly so we hiked up into the mountains to get our bearings and have tonnes of fun in the snow.



By the afternoon the skies were blue and we managed some lovely single pitches.

Friday the weather was fantastic we hit the uber-classic Salamander.

An 8 pitch sport route covering 240m of lovely climbing on great rock. The kids handled their first mega multi-pitch amazingly. 

Except for an hour or so the skies stayed clear and we were up and back in time for cake and hot chocolate in the hut and to meet up with Lynn and Mike.


Saturday was our last day and it rained, but we still managed some easy routed in hiking boots and waterproofs before hiking down in record time to be met by the same friendly taxi driver.


After a long break in Basel which we spent people watching and playing cards wer were back in the Dam before we knew it.

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