Cheap houses for sale in Amsterdam

Dear Ambers,

For anyone looking to buy a house in Amsterdam, here´s a good oppertunity.

A huge office building near Bos en Lommer plein is being transformed into 1 room appartements with their own bathroom and kitchen.

These appartements are tiny (28 or 35 m) but affordable, with prices starting at 85 000.

It´s located inside the A10 (just) and is well reached by car, metro, tram or bus. There are also parking spots for sale.

The area is calm and multi-cultural; with a park (erasmuspark) and the entrance to Mountain Network around the corner...

I´m seriously considering buying one myself, and if you´re looking for a cheap house and don´t need a lot of space I recommend giving it a serious thought.

For more information check out If you need help translating or if you´re looking for more information you can contact me on the website (though I am leaving for Croatia july 18th, so don´t wait to long...)

There is a lot of choice in appartmens now, but I expect sales will go quick so if you´re interrested, be quick.



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